Top 6 CNY fringe activities for 2020

Top 6 CNY fringe activities for 2020

The Chinese New Year (CNY) is also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival. The Chinese New Year 2020 is the year of the Rat. Here are some CNY fringe activities that can be arranged to make your Chinese New Year party fun and memorable.

Making the red envelopes

Chinese exchange gifts during the Chinese New Year. The young generation prefers to receive envelopes instead of gifts. Thus red envelopes have become a significant part of the Chinese New Year celebration. Red envelopes gifted with money are believed to bring in good luck. If you are planning to set up some fringe activities during the Spring Festival, then set a booth where your guests can DIY a handmade red envelope to gift to their loved ones.

Making Chinese lanterns

The Chinese paper lanterns are a great decoration at home, and this also lets the children, as well as adults, practice their scissor cutting skills. The Chinese lanterns are essential because it is believed that when the lanterns are hung during the Spring Festival, it helps to drive off bad luck. Why not set up CNY fringe activities to let your guests make their Chinese lanterns to carry back home and hang on the front of their door to drive off bad luck.

Making paper cuttings to bring in happiness and luck

It is customary to paste cut-outs of paper on the windows during the festival. Designs are cut out of red paper, and this is glued to a transparent surface or a surface that has a contrasting background. Most of them would have the image of the animal or plant that is auspicious to the New Year as the theme of the paper cutting. Every animal and every plant represents a different wish. Arrange an activity to let your guests cut papers and being in good luck.

Catching the Dragon’s Tail

This can be a fun activity for everyone to get involved. The traditional Chinese game is exciting to play if you have a large group of at least ten or more people. All the participants make a line with their hands placed on the shoulder of the person in front. The first is the head of the dragon, and the last is the tail. The dragon’s head has to catch the tail of the dragon, and the players in the middle hinder the head. When the head catches the tail, the tail player will have to take the head position and all shift one place behind.

Making a Candleholder

A Chinese candle holder is also a great activity that you can arrange for your guests. The CNY fringe activities involve decorating the glass jar using acrylic paint and red tissue paper. This can be taken back home as a souvenir.

Cut the Double Happiness symbol

Make the lucky décor or the symbol of Double Happiness, Shuang xi, as an activity at your party. This is the traditional symbol used to decorate during the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China, and it is enjoyed as a family celebration. Involve your guests in these CNY fringe activities for a happy start to the New Year.