5 Successful Virtual Event Engagement Strategies

With business becoming more global, the need to organize virtual events and reach out to the audience remotely has increased manifold. Hosting, planning, and promoting virtual events requires the same dedication and hard work as an in-person meeting. However, in virtual events, certain specific virtual event engagement strategies, https://www.partyinkers.com/a-whole-new-events-experience-with-partyinkers-virtual-event-printing/ , can make the event a huge success.

For any event, participants play a pivotal role, whether it’s in-person or virtual. But the main challenge with virtual events is persuading attendees to join the event and stay throughout the session.

Creating a unique theme page for the event

Before sending out fillers for joining a virtual event, it is imperative to create a unique event page that will grab the participants. For instance, make it stand out, use engaging clips of potential speakers, performers, workshop leaders, and add eye-catching graphics. The event page must be a one-stop solution that provides details about the agenda, speaker’s bios, time and date, sponsor information, sign-up links, secure payment options.

Enhance the power of email marketing

With the buzzing trend of social media platforms, organizers often forget the importance of email. But still, now, email marketing is regarded as an effective strategy for business development. So while planning virtual event organizers can send out email newsletters to a list of potential participants sharing the details of the upcoming event, exciting offers, and exclusive discount codes.

Peek into the key highlights of the event

A prelude to the event can bolster its outcome. To entice the attendees towards joining the event, share some important highlights of the meeting, with quotes from key speakers. So that the audience gets an idea of what is coming next. Release such preview at a frequent interval before the actual event date. 

Utilize all the promotional platforms

Leverage social media platforms like Facebook Events, LinkedIn, or Instagram as a promotional platform. For instance, the use of hashtags and spread the word about the event through a mini-tweet storm. As an exponential event management strategy, ask the sponsors and partners to promote the virtual event and provide affiliate and social media links. So one way of informing people is via word of mouth. Ask your friends to use hashtags and promote it amongst their circle of co-workers, peers, and friends. Also, self-promotional messages from the keynote speakers will alleviate the audience’s urge to join the event.

Incorporate blogs and press release

Another possible way of promotion is by incorporating blogs on the upcoming events. The blog will include key highlights from speakers and industry veterans. To publish the blog articles, organizers can use even planning software. Besides written content, short promotional videos will work wonders to engage the audience and inform about the upcoming event. Use a press release with key highlights and keywords along with information about the guests, topics, speakers, and takeaways such as customized gifts at the end of the session from Virtual Event Printing. It is imperative to remain consistent with the promotion to entice the audience to participate.


Although the pre-event strategies are the most crucial part of organizing an event, the task gets even tough to retain the audience’s engagement during the session and after it ends. As the event begins, it is imperative to give every attendee space so that they can interact with one another. Networking plays a substantial role in any event, so to bolster that, it is necessary for group interactions, Q&A sessions, and one-to-one conversation with the speakers.

Also, segment the event in parts with breaks in between. In virtual meetings, the event must be recorded so that any participant who had to leave halfway can pace up with the key pointers. Planning a virtual event requires strategy and persistence, and it continues even after the send ends. For instance, it can be done with follow up emails, posting pictures from the event on social media, and giving out virtual gifts.

Spicing it up

One awesome way to spice up your virtual event is to send out personalized gifts to your guests. Make it even more special, learn the tips and tricks behind corporate gifting. With technology and innovation, there are ways to take corporate gifts up a notch.


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Corporate Welcome Gifts For Men

Are you feeling sick and tired looking for Corporate Welcome Gifts for men? We’ve just covered you! Gifting for men is either a monotonous task or there’s a lack of options. Reading through this article will make you realize that men have so many Corporate Welcome Gifts to choose from which will stun them in no time!

Here are some ideas of Corporate Welcome Gifts for Men

Electric Travel Mugs

Electric Travel Mugs

Let the guys at your office have a good time drinking their steaming mug of coffee right from the comfort of their work desk. Either choose a plug-in mug that they can heat their coffee with or a battery-operated mug which will also be travel-friendly.

Flavour Fusion Water Bottle

Flavour Fusion Water Bottle

Detoxing the body is every male’s need. Especially, if your team’s guy is a workout freak, gift him with this treasured flavor fusion water bottle, wherein he can chop in his detox veggies and herbs and fill it up with plain water. Let him feel hydrated and awesome from inside. 

Personality Disk Signs

Disk signs that read “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss”, “I’m kind of a big deal” etc. will make a guy feel more confident whenever he sees it on his work desk. On one hand, it energizes and reboots his working capacity and on the other hand, it simply boosts his morale whenever he is low and dull!

Pen Drives And Laptop Bags

Though these gift options might sound quite monotonous and regular, these are the needs of every man. The more pen drives and laptop bags he receives, the more he puts them to use. A guy would never whine about having too many of them; just go ahead and buy it for them. They’ll be thankful to you!

The Techie Stuff

The Techie Stuff

The next big thing that’s a valuable asset to a man is the techie stuff like a hard disk or even an OTG. He needs these techie friends all through his working time and will be happy to own a couple of them. You could also inscribe your brand’s name on such petty little things so that he won’t miss out on them when he is out and you also get your brand noticed by the outer world.

 Credit Card Holders

 Credit Card Holders

Credit cardholders are always a thoughtful option for corporate gifts for men. They could stack up against their cards in an organized way and also carry them along wherever they go. There are credit card holders which also have a small facility for carrying some cash. What better way to organize the day’s finances, isn’t it? Go for it!

These ideas can revolutionize your corporate gifting options for men!

You can try personalization of corporate gifts to make it even fancier!

The art of personalization is key in recent times. Hence, it is important to take note of upcoming trends.


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Top 6 CNY fringe activities for 2020

Top 6 CNY fringe activities for 2020

The Chinese New Year (CNY) is also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival. The Chinese New Year 2020 is the year of the Rat. Here are some CNY fringe activities that can be arranged to make your Chinese New Year party fun and memorable.

Making the red envelopes

Chinese exchange gifts during the Chinese New Year. The young generation prefers to receive envelopes instead of gifts. Thus red envelopes have become a significant part of the Chinese New Year celebration. Red envelopes gifted with money are believed to bring in good luck. If you are planning to set up some fringe activities during the Spring Festival, then set a booth where your guests can DIY a handmade red envelope to gift to their loved ones.

Making Chinese lanterns

The Chinese paper lanterns are a great decoration at home, and this also lets the children, as well as adults, practice their scissor cutting skills. The Chinese lanterns are essential because it is believed that when the lanterns are hung during the Spring Festival, it helps to drive off bad luck. Why not set up CNY fringe activities to let your guests make their Chinese lanterns to carry back home and hang on the front of their door to drive off bad luck.

Making paper cuttings to bring in happiness and luck

It is customary to paste cut-outs of paper on the windows during the festival. Designs are cut out of red paper, and this is glued to a transparent surface or a surface that has a contrasting background. Most of them would have the image of the animal or plant that is auspicious to the New Year as the theme of the paper cutting. Every animal and every plant represents a different wish. Arrange an activity to let your guests cut papers and being in good luck. These can be an add on into your Corporate Gifts that you will give out during your event. Event attendees will definitely enjoy receiving free gifts, especially on this special occasion.

Catching the Dragon’s Tail

This can be a fun activity for everyone to get involved. The traditional Chinese game is exciting to play if you have a large group of at least ten or more people. All the participants make a line with their hands placed on the shoulder of the person in front. The first is the head of the dragon, and the last is the tail. The dragon’s head has to catch the tail of the dragon, and the players in the middle hinder the head. When the head catches the tail, the tail player will have to take the head position and all shift one place behind.

Making a Candleholder

A Chinese candle holder is also a great activity that you can arrange for your guests. The CNY fringe activities involve decorating the glass jar using acrylic paint and red tissue paper. This can be taken back home as a souvenir. These can be an add on into your Corporate Gifts that you will give out during your event. Event attendees will definitely enjoy receiving free gifts, especially on this special occasion.

Cut the Double Happiness symbol

Make the lucky décor or the symbol of Double Happiness, Shuang xi, as an activity at your party. This is the traditional symbol used to decorate during the celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

The Chinese New Year is the most important festival in China, and it is enjoyed as a family celebration. Involve your guests in these CNY fringe activities for a happy start to the New Year. 


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Personalized Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gifting is being accepted as a very warm gesture in the corporate world today. It is the nicest way of acknowledging your employees and clients. Be it your corporate clients or employees in your organization, everybody welcomes the gesture. It helps you to connect to your clients and employees and forms an emotional bond. Earlier money was the only thing that organizations used to offer to their employees in terms of reward or festive bonus. But today, with the option of corporate gifting, things seem to have become easier and also carry a personalized touch to every gift offered.

The need for gifts

A gift says a lot of unsaid things. They drive in the joy factor and when you add the personalized touch, no one can beat it. Even a small gesture makes a big impact today in the corporate world. Gifting is a tangible way of showing concern. The corporate world has adapted to this because they believe success can never come without teamwork.  So, this gesture was adopted and it was a cordial way of showing concern to their employees and motivating them to deliver more towards the organization.

Different types of personalized corporate gifts

You name a gifting item and it will be available. Yes, every organization is in need of a bulk order to offer to their clients and employees and they require it at a good price. So they directly get in touch with the wholesalers or manufacturers themselves to strike a good deal. They negotiate and fix upon the number of pieces required and book for a delivery. Today, there are online portals offering a large variety on corporate gifting options, where wholesalers and manufacturers personally get in touch with companies and have an exclusive tie-up. The gifting industry is also taking a new shape because everybody knows this gesture adds an emotional touch. These corporate gifting companies have a wide range of offerings from pin to a plane. You will be fascinated to know the variety these sellers hold and the number of orders they make just in the corporate world. In the corporate world, the order is big though the profit margins are not high.

The price ranges from very low price to a quite high. And the varieties of gifting options available are unmatchable. They have pen drives, pens, T-shirts, mugs, power banks, home décor items, clocks and the list goes on. And the best part is these manufacturers are ready to personalize it for your company employees with their photo, name or a unique message. These days, big companies have tie-ups with other brands and also make it closely beneficial for their employees. Though it is not gifting, but it is closely working with rewarding your employees with that extra bit.

Now, festival seasons are round the corner from Diwali to New Year. Bring on the smile and gift your team and your business clients with a unique and personalized gift this festive season. Remember, every gift has a story to tell. Build yours now, for it to be treasured for a lifetime.


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Romantic Wedding Photo booths

The idea of a romantic wedding is very appealing to everyone. When a person says, ‘I do’, it’s romantic and a step ahead of ‘I love you!’ However, many prefer to have a customary wedding and leave the romance for the photo booths. Photo booths are popular and many couples are interested in splurging some bucks on them, after all memories in print make you smile long after the wedding!
Arranging a wedding photo booth is exciting, as it is time to unwind after the busy day and it is a great appeal for the guests during the cocktail hour. You could have attended many weddings, but choosing one for your very own wedding might be a big task as you need to focus on the guests who would be at the wedding. If you are planning the wedding well ahead of time, you could get the idea as you start narrowing down your focus! These questions could help you make a stand on your stand!
•    Are you confused about the photo booth themes to select for your wedding?
•    Is romance your chime?
•    Are you looking for romantic wedding photo booths for your wedding?
•    Has your mind switched over already to choosing a funny photo booth from the idea of a romantic booth?
Planning a wedding much ahead of the date is a good idea. The time and brainstorming done by the couple are never proportional. It’s not all about getting a couple of photos at the wedding.  Nowadays it is much more than that! Seeing the wedding photos a year after might still send chills and make you cherish the memory!
What’s more appealing than a colonial themed stunning reception room? Setting up a photo booth of the 50’s might be a hit since every detailing of the lovely lace dress of the bride and the wedding suit of the groom is captured. Everything is frozen, sealed and delivered to melt your heart many times later.
Kissing booths are simple, yet they are special for photographs when friends and family join the wedding. How about the same in a beach? The ever romantic allure to the beach could be the best place for your wedding or even the wedding photo booth at http://www.instaprint.sg/. A shot with JUST MARRIED tagline would be the perfect image for your wedding album.
Some prefer to bring their love story to the photo booth and recreate them in pictures! A recreation of the ‘Falling in Love’ to the ‘Will You Marry Me?’ pictures represents happy moments and they have a way with emotions! There is no better idea than to recreate your love story for each other to feel wondrous on your wedding day to get the romance ringing!
Selecting props for each of the theme mentioned above is the key to making the photo booth a hit in your wedding! The couple can choose to make it themselves or arrange them through their event manager, either way it’s made with love and gets more personal when taken back by the guests!