5 Successful Virtual Event Engagement Strategies

With business becoming more global, the need to organize virtual events and reach out to the audience remotely has increased manifold. Hosting, planning, and promoting virtual events requires the same dedication and hard work as an in-person meeting. However, in virtual events, certain specific virtual event engagement strategies, https://www.partyinkers.com/a-whole-new-events-experience-with-partyinkers-virtual-event-printing/ , can make the event a huge success.

For any event, participants play a pivotal role, whether it’s in-person or virtual. But the main challenge with virtual events is persuading attendees to join the event and stay throughout the session.

Creating a unique theme page for the event

Before sending out fillers for joining a virtual event, it is imperative to create a unique event page that will grab the participants. For instance, make it stand out, use engaging clips of potential speakers, performers, workshop leaders, and add eye-catching graphics. The event page must be a one-stop solution that provides details about the agenda, speaker’s bios, time and date, sponsor information, sign-up links, secure payment options.

Enhance the power of email marketing

With the buzzing trend of social media platforms, organizers often forget the importance of email. But still, now, email marketing is regarded as an effective strategy for business development. So while planning virtual event organizers can send out email newsletters to a list of potential participants sharing the details of the upcoming event, exciting offers, and exclusive discount codes.

Peek into the key highlights of the event

A prelude to the event can bolster its outcome. To entice the attendees towards joining the event, share some important highlights of the meeting, with quotes from key speakers. So that the audience gets an idea of what is coming next. Release such preview at a frequent interval before the actual event date. 

Utilize all the promotional platforms

Leverage social media platforms like Facebook Events, LinkedIn, or Instagram as a promotional platform. For instance, the use of hashtags and spread the word about the event through a mini-tweet storm. As an exponential event management strategy, ask the sponsors and partners to promote the virtual event and provide affiliate and social media links. So one way of informing people is via word of mouth. Ask your friends to use hashtags and promote it amongst their circle of co-workers, peers, and friends. Also, self-promotional messages from the keynote speakers will alleviate the audience’s urge to join the event.

Incorporate blogs and press release

Another possible way of promotion is by incorporating blogs on the upcoming events. The blog will include key highlights from speakers and industry veterans. To publish the blog articles, organizers can use even planning software. Besides written content, short promotional videos will work wonders to engage the audience and inform about the upcoming event. Use a press release with key highlights and keywords along with information about the guests, topics, speakers, and takeaways such as customized gifts at the end of the session from Virtual Event Printing. It is imperative to remain consistent with the promotion to entice the audience to participate.


Although the pre-event strategies are the most crucial part of organizing an event, the task gets even tough to retain the audience’s engagement during the session and after it ends. As the event begins, it is imperative to give every attendee space so that they can interact with one another. Networking plays a substantial role in any event, so to bolster that, it is necessary for group interactions, Q&A sessions, and one-to-one conversation with the speakers.

Also, segment the event in parts with breaks in between. In virtual meetings, the event must be recorded so that any participant who had to leave halfway can pace up with the key pointers. Planning a virtual event requires strategy and persistence, and it continues even after the send ends. For instance, it can be done with follow up emails, posting pictures from the event on social media, and giving out virtual gifts.

Spicing it up

One awesome way to spice up your virtual event is to send out personalized gifts to your guests. Make it even more special, learn the tips and tricks behind corporate gifting. With technology and innovation, there are ways to take corporate gifts up a notch.


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